New 2020 Vintage Port Wine

A new vintage year was just declared at Golddrink! Our new Vintage 2020

Port Wine is already approved by the IVDP and will be available hopefully on September
This 2020 vintage Port was crafted body and soul by the winemaker Joana
Duarte, trusted by Rita Sequeira, and it is certainly one of our best vintages
The tourism team have already tasted it, and is eager to show it to visitors
to the winery. But we have to wait until the winemakers feel that the time is
right for launching. The stopper chosen by the winemaker Joana Duarte is the
world's best wine stopper produced by Amorim cork, an extra guarantee to the
quality of this unique Port Wine.

As always, you can order in advance this limited edition
by email geral@golddrink.pt or T. +351 912 303 034

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