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Early last century, the great-grandfather of the present owner César Augusto Sequeira Correia acquired the Quinta de Marrocos. Since 1979 César Sequeira developed the farming activity in the family's estates, having started the certification of its wines.

In the 90's, inspired by his wife Maria Elisa, the family rebuilt the house of Marrocos and began the agro-tourism activity, with the support of daughters Rita and Catarina. In 2009 the family founded Golddrink, a truly family business committed share this rich heritage of the Correia de Sequeira's family in Douro. It's name celebrates “Douro”, which means “gold river” in Portuguese.

Golddrink is thus the result of 50 years of dedication to the Douro and the production of Port wine. Headed by winemaker Rita Sequeira, leading an expert team, which benefits also from brothers Catarina and César Sequeira know-how in product development, marketing and sales. More than a team, we are a family were each one is a precious link in a history of generations. United by the pride in sharing the most genuine experience of Douro with customers, visitors and partners.

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Maria Elisa dos Santos Galante

Mentora e inspiradora

Se fosse possível descobrir a origem de todas as ações das quais nos orgulhamos, iríamos encontrá-la na nossa mãe, Maria Elisa. Nascida em Lisboa em 1949, em 1971 acompanhou o marido, César Sequeira no doutoramento na Universidade de Londres. Após regressar, dedicou-se inteiramente à família e à Quinta que herdaram no Douro.

Apaixonada pelas artes, concluiu o curso de Design de Interiores na Escola do Museu Ricardo Espírito Santo e Silva. Quatro filhos e os afazeres agrícolas impediram-na de iniciar atividade como designer, mas no Douro recuperou a casa da Quinta de Marrocos e iniciou o agro-turismo. Faleceu em 2013 ativa e entusiasta, acreditando firmemente no potencial do Douro e afirmando-se na sua simplicidade e feminilidade.

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César Augusto Correia de Sequeira


César Augusto Correia de Sequeira was born in Régua, in 1943. He graduated in Chemical Engineering in Lisbon, and received a doctorate in 1974 at the Imperial College (UK). During the 80s he worked in the Atomic Energy Research Laboratories of the United Kingdom, was the Vice-President of the Scientific Board at the Instituto Superior Técnico, and collaborated with prestigious universities in Europe, the USA, India and China. Since 1979, César Sequeira has been keeping the family wine business at his Quintas (estates). There he begun the certification of the estate Douro and Port wines, and inspired by his wife Maria Elisa opened to Wine Tourism, which has brought international prominence to the Douro.

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Rita Sequeira

Operations Manager & Wine Maker

Rita Sequeira is the Wine Maker and Operations Manager at Quinta Marrocos. From an early age she showed a passion for the Douro, joining her father in the winemaking processes. In 2005 she graduated in Agricultural Engineering and Enology at the University of Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro, having taught on the subjects of Irrigation and Fertilization, Nursery Creation and Production. But it was her dedication to the grape varieties, terroir and complex processes of creating the Porto and the Douro wines that inspired the whole family. After her siblings César and Catarina joined the management, she could finally devote to oenology full time. Her talent is now recognized at the highest level, with relevant international awards.

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Catarina Sequeira

Sales and Marketing Manager

Catarina Sequeira graduated in Economics in 2009, at the Catolica Lisbon School of Business & Economics, having had executive training in Marketing and Sales. The youngest daughter of the Correia de Sequeira's, she is lively and passionate about the Douro such as her mother Maria Elisa. Soon after graduating, she started working for one of the main Portuguese telecommunication companies, Optimus, in the Mass Business Department for the team management and development of services to clients. But when her mother fell ill the Douro call became stronger. An enthusiastic advocate of the Golddrink project, she left her Lisbon career to devote full time to the family business in the Douro. There you can find her on the busy schedules of managing the Quintas, horse riding and devoting to her love for animals.

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Paulo Macedo

Viticulture Consultant

Paulo Macedo is a Master of Agronomic Engineering graduated by the University of Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro. He developed much of his professional career in the field of viticulture, working for over 14 years as a senior agronomist for the Symington Group. During this period he was responsible for the viticulture of the group many estates, charged with the planning and installation of more than 100 ha of vineyards in the Douro. Since 2003 it is a specialist in the biological production mode. From 2014 on, he is developing a vineyard project in Brazil, and monitors Quinta de Marrocos vineyards as an external Viticulture Consultant. 

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Ana Cristina Cardoso

Administrative Assistant

Ana Cristina Cardoso was born in 1988 in Sion, Switzerland, where she lived until the age of 6. She grew up in Penalva do Castelo and graduated in Marketing at the Polytechnic Institute of Guarda. Ana begun her professional activity in 2010, at the TAVFER group where she was working in marketing and logistics by 2013. Since 2014 she joined Quinta de Marrocos team, as an administrative assistant in wine and tourism area. Her calm  nature helps the team in facing the multiple challenges of the day-to-day at the Quinta.

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Tiago Correia

Warehouse Manager

Tiago Correia was born in 1989 in Lamego. Since the beginning of his professional activity in 2005 he became is part of Quinta de Marrocos team. First as a farm worker, then becoming the warehouse manager, in 2008. It is here that you can currently find him. Apart from the wine making activities, bottle filling and the daily warehouse management tasks, he loves the "DIY" and handcrafted works, also giving a precious support in the maintenance of Quinta de Marrocos spaces for tourists. Patient, fair and always ready to help and to learn, he is a breath of fresh air in our team.

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Eduardo Correia

Farm Keeper

Eduardo Correia has been part of our team for over two decades, working for the Correia de Sequeira Family at Quinta de Marrocos. Born in 1958, he has lived always surrounded by vineyards,  which he knows like no other. He is a passionate advocate of the cultivation of old vines, as well as of the old family traditions. More than the farm keeper he is the true guardian of the family estates and vineyards.

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Isabel Paixona


Isabel Paixona grew surrounded by the traditional local gardens and brought new learnings from France, where she emigrated. On returning to her village she dedicated to ascertain a talent and taste for the art of cooking. She excels in choosing the freshest ingredients, taking advantage of the knowledge that their parents passed her in the care for the gardens. Cheerful and active, she joined the Quinta de Marrocos team since 2015 and is responsible for meals and cuisine.

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Fátima Espírito Santo


Fatima is the family housekeeper since nearly 2 decades. Born in 1965, she grew up in the traditional Douro Quintas, dedicated to traditional families for generations. From her experience in a Port restaurant she perfected her talent for cooking. She returned to her roots in the Douro, where she is a perfectionist in all the house chores. She is responsible for preserving Quinta de Marrocos house, where the family welcomes guests, ensuring the well-being of the family and the future generations.

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Susana Mendes

Social Education Coach

Susana Mendes was born in the region. In 2001 she graduated in Social Education. From an early age she was dedicated to support people in need, and this constant contact with the public improved her active listening. In 2010 she headed to Andorra in Spain, where she worked at Pyrinees -Hiper Center Carrer Saint Jordi, Pas de La Casa. There she developed a taste for the monitoring of tourists from all over the world, and improved her mastery of several languages. Since her come back to Portugal she joined the Quinta de Marrocos's team, where she coaches tourists during visits and collaborates with the staff.

  • "We did not stay here, we took their wine tasting with lunch. First the place is beautiful. 2nd, it is so authentic and non-commercial. 3rd, the lunch was fantastic; it was the first time we had liked cod. 4th, the wine was so nice. 5th, the explanation was fantastic. 6th the room we ended up seeing was very nice!"

    Pierre E., Vienna, Virginia
  • "We were welcomed like old friends and were provided access to the family lounge as well as our comfortable room. It is the graciousness of the family and the hospitality extended by them that made this a truly warm and memorable experience. Breakfast was well above average and the tour and information about port making were bonuses..."

    Morgans, Canada
  • "Cesar and his daughters make the stay at Marrocos a delight: warm welcome, comfortable rooms, very nice breakfast."

    Fred N.

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